National Dog Day, like any good Cincinnati Reds fan, my thoughts..."/> National Dog Day, like any good Cincinnati Reds fan, my thoughts..."/>

Happy National Dog Day: Top 5 Schottzie Scandals


Pete Rose tips his hat to Schottzie on National Dog Day. Mandatory Credit: Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

When I heard that today is National Dog Day, like any good Cincinnati Reds fan, my thoughts turned to Schottzie, “beloved” St. Bernard of former team owner Marge Schott.  In honor of the big lug, let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit the Top 5 Schottzie Scandals.

Schottzie Goes Number 2 at 2B

As recounted by Barry Larkin in a Sports Illustrated piece several years back, Schottzie did is business at second base before a game and forgot to tell anyone to clean it up.  Larkin paid the price:

"I’ll be danged, the first inning I’m over here diving, and I see this poop right here in front of me. I had to dive right where Schottzie pooped. When I got up, I had it all on the side of my uniform. Good times."

Schottzie Welcomes Pete Rose

When the Hit King returned to Cincinnati as player-manager in 1984, Schottzie welcomed Rose back to the fold by attending his news conference.  And by sitting on Rose’s feet.

Schottzie Consolled David Wells

Star pitcher David Wells was always something of a wild child, and he had plenty of run-ins with Schott during his time on the Riverfront.   The stodgy owner supposedly even brought Wells’ small child to tears!   However, Wells could always turn to Schottzie, who seemed to harbor some sympathy for the player who often found himself in the owner’s — ahem — doghouse.  From Wells:

"I like Schottzie.  Cool dog. I had fun with it. I barked at it."

Schottzie Blushes

To be fair this probably happened a lot for Schottzie, but the big dog was duly embarrassed when Schott christened Game 1 of the 1990 World Series by cussing out the commissioner (Fay Vincent) and the walking with her four-legged friend to home plate.  Once there, she dedicated the game to US troops in the Far East.   Our troops were in the Persian Gulf.

Schottzie Tops Eric Davis

What better way to cap off the signing of a big, new Major League contract than with a new baseball cap?  Why, with a Schottzie cap, of course, which is just how Eric Davis celebrated his new deal back in 1990.    Good times, indeed!

Yes, yes, technically there were TWO Schottzie’s but they were pretty much interchangeable in the minds of Reds fans everywhere, and, oh, what fun they were!   Just like National Dog Day is fun.

Enjoy your pooches!