Notre Dame article to take off like it did. Thanks to everyone that read it and thank you to..."/> Notre Dame article to take off like it did. Thanks to everyone that read it and thank you to..."/>

Notre Dame Fans Weigh In On Bowl Article


Dec 5, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bearcats running back Ralph Abernathy (1) rushes into the end zone for a touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Louisville Cardinals at Nippert Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Never did RFB expect the Notre Dame article to take off like it did. Thanks to everyone that read it and thank you to everyone that commented, you provided us with some good laughs and not much else.

First thing first, the article was never based off of any hard core reporting to come out of South Bend, merely on the overall feeling that was coming out of South Bend. It was also based on the knowledge we have of Brian Kelly and the way he acts having spend three seasons here in Cincinnati.

Notre Dame fans are a passionate bunch, sure 75% of them never attended the school but still they’re a passionate group. We deal with them on a daily basis here, looking at you Buckeye fans. What we did underestimate was how seriously some people would take the article and assume it was fact rather than an opinion piece.

One major point that everyone keeps pointing out is the fact that bowls select teams, not the other way around. We know that, we cover a BCS school, we know how the bowl system works. In Cincinnati’s case this season the Belk Bowl offered them an invitation on Friday night, Cincinnati accepted on Saturday before the Pinstripe Bowl could invite them. The Belk Bowl gets the #3 AAC school, it makes sense why Cincinnati chose the Belk.

The Pinstripe Bowl could have offered Cincinnati an invitation, instead Cincinnati had already accepted the Belk Bowl invite. The Pinstripe officials then moved onto Rutgers who became bowl eligible in the last week of the season. Rutgers is located outside New York City, it makes sense.

We were hoping for a Cincinnati Notre Dame game, that is why this article saw the light of day. It was opinion.

But that didn’t stop you wonderful people from posting comments on the article. Here a few of them:

Andrew Stanford :I want some of what you are smoking…..

Matt Wright:I doubt BK is scared of playing UC considering when he left, he was gonna try to set up a series between ND and UC. Also it makes more sense for the Pinstripe Bowl to pick Rutgers considering they’re close to NYC while everyone knows ND’s fans travel great.

"Cincinnati fans travel very well, look at our attendance over the last few seasons, a big reason the Belk Bowl wanted Cincinnati again was because of their traveling fan base. Never heard the BK idea of a ND UC series."

GSTG Hartman: Quite possibly the worst example of “investigative reporting” I have ever read. My 4 year old daughter wouldn’t even be so dumb to publish something like this. Anyone who knows anything about sports knows that The Bowl Committees pick what teams they want at their game because they want the money well spent and a good showing of fans. UC may travel fairly well to Regional Bowls but lets be honest, nobody outside of Cincinnati or its Alumni gives 2 sh*ts about UC or do they want to watch them on TV? Rutgers is right down the street from NYC and everyone knows Irish fans will travel regardless of how far or on what stage. The guy that wrote this should be fired, disowned by his family, then made to make a public announcement of apology to the University of Cincinnati for being such a dipsh*t. Not trying to bash UC but who actually watches UC football and takes them seriously outside of local yocals and alumni of the school?

"Personally my absolute favorite comment. So much to cover lets dive in. First off this was never “investigative reporting” where does is say that? Right no where, you’d be a horrible lawyer. 4 year olds can’t read or write. Look at the Sugar Bowl, UC traveled very well. Is Charlotte a regional bowl? What constitutes regional? Hartman please work on your grammar you should be fired from the internet for this mashup that appears to have come from a google translator."

Matt:Worst Article ever written.


Jon Sharpe:You have to be kidding me with this, your update should just have said “Yes I made all of this up and I write/act like a pissed of 12 year old who didn’t get their way”.

Jeremy Pflung :Here are my true feelings on the topic. If BK said no, he said no out of respect for his senior class. Tommy was his 1st QB at Notre Dame. Rather than added pressure and a media circus surrounding the “BK vs. UC” saga – he chose to let his seniors go out without all that mess. Before it is said, I know… I know. BK left UC in the middle of an Orange Bowl. Let’s be honest though, the man was given the opportunity to take his DREAM JOB.

"Jeremy is being reasonable here. But to say BK cares about his players to not put them in the spotlight is a joke. He disrespected every player on his 2009 UC team by leaving them at the team season ending banquet. BK cares about BK only, every job has been his “dream job” the NFL comes calling the Jaguars will be his “dream job”."

To be cliche at the end of the day the match up will never happen. We would have liked it to happen but Cincinnati has UNC coming up on the 28th, we’ll be focusing on that. Notre Dame enjoy your bowl, Rutgers is a far inferior opponent. Thanks for the laughs too, wish more of you would have tweeted @RiverFrontBall.