If you look at the Reds' team stats, there isn't one guy they depend on to do a..."/> If you look at the Reds' team stats, there isn't one guy they depend on to do a..."/>

Reds Have Worked As A Team


If you look at the Reds’ team stats, there isn’t one guy they depend on to do all the work and win games for them. They have worked as team so far this season. While the Reds have a lot of talent, there really isn’t a Miguel Cabrera or Chris Davis on the team; which could be a reason why their are only three Reds in the All-Star Game.

Joey Votto is the leader in batting average, as he is hitting .318, he’s actually the only Red hitting above .300. Votto also leads the way in on base percentage, as it stands at .434.

While Joey Votto is the best pure-hitter on the team, Jay Bruce is the best power hitter. Bruce leads the way with 19 home runs, four more than Votto. Bruce also has hit more doubles than anyone else, he has 28 two-baggers.

Votto and Bruce are reliable guys at the plate, but if you have a man in scoring position, you would want Brandon Phillips to come up to the plate. Phillips is the team leader in RBIs, as he has a whopping 74, tied for the second-most in the National League.

Shin-Soo Choo is also having a great season, and while he doesn’t lead the team in any major hitting categories, he has more stolen bases than anyone else on the team with 11. The Reds are afraid to steal bases, Dusty just doesn’t like it, the only guy he sends somewhat-often is Choo.

The Reds’ teamwork has brought them to a 53-42 record, the fourth-best in the National League. Unfortunately, two of those three teams with better records than the Reds play in the National League Central. The Reds sit five games behind in the standings, but still have half-of-a-season to make up some ground.