Bengals Free Agent Thoughts


Now that free agency is officially underway, and the Bengals have gotten their feet wet with the signings of DE’s Robert Gathers and Wallace Gilberry (an All-Name team honoree), it is time for them to make two very important moves. Yes, we need a running back, and yes a second, proven wide receiver would be nice, and yes we need a safety and oh, we need a lot of things, but resigning two of our own is more important than anything else.

I’m talking about Corner Adam Pacman Jones and Right Tackle Andre Smith.

Arguments can be made for letting both walk, but those arguments namely concern money, something the Bengals have plenty of. Remember how Cincinnati barely spent anything the last couple of seasons? Well, it’s time for them to pony up.

Both players came a long way last season. Jones went from an underachieving former problem child to a top ranked cornerback. Smith went from a bust to one of the best Right Tackles in the game.

Now, both could command top dollar, and at Jones’ age, if the demand gets too high, it would make more sense to let him walk and pick up a cast off, like former Eagle Nnamdi Asomugha. But, personally, I don’t think it will get to that level. Many teams remain weary of Jones after his problems in Tennessee and Dallas and this plays directly into the Bengals hand.

As for Smith, his age and his breakout season make trying to sign him to a long-term deal a no-brainer. As I said before, money really isn’t an issue, as the Bengals remain $30 something million under the cap. I’d say ponying up for Smith is worth using some of that space.

After that, taking a look at veterans Antoine Winfield and Michael Huff makes sense as well.

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