Cincinnati Cyclones Update


While the city of Cincinnati has been wrapped up in Bearcats basketball this winter another team in Cincinnati is winning as well. The Cincinnati Cyclones sit second in their division in the middle of a very good season for the ECHL team.

The Cyclones currently sit at 32-20 on the season two games behind the Kalamazoo Wings who lead the North division in the Eastern Conference with a 32-18 record. These two teams have one more meeting April 9th in Cincinnati, a win there and a loss in conference for the Wings would allow the Cyclones to take over the top spot.

Every year the Cyclones play great hockey in the playoffs and this year barring some sort of collapse the Cyclones will be back in the Kelly Cup playoffs once again. A late exit last year left the team with a bitter taste in their mouth.

Cincinnati has been led by Anthony Luciani and his 22 goals and 25 assists this season the Cincinnati attack has been potent. Scoring 187 goals this season behind a litany of players. Because this is the ECHL players are constantly called up to NHL teams or sent to other minor league teams, to have a player like Luciani put in 45 games so far the Cyclones have to be very pleased with him.

Cincinnati returns to the ice Wednesday night (3/5) against the Evansville Icemen at 7:30pm at Cincinnati’s US Bank Arena.

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