CBS Should Suspend Greg Anthony

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Saturday afternoon the Cincinnati Bearcats and Louisville Cardinals game at Cincinnati’s Fifth Third Arena was marred by an awful 7 minute delay of game while the American Athletic Conference officials reviewed an out of bounds call. It appears that the officials may have been influenced for a second review by CBS’s Greg Anthony.

The initial call on the play was out of bounds on Cincinnati’s Shaq Thomas. The call was then reviewed by the AAC officials and after three minutes the possession was given to the Bearcats. While Cincinnati went to the court to inbound the ball the refs once again stopped play to review the call. After another 4 minutes the overturned call was overturned again to the original call giving the ball to Louisville.

You can see the out of bounds play at the 3:24 mark. It is only one angle, from the other angle you can see the ball does not touch Shaq, it never even changes direction.

Now comes Monday and Mick Cronin’s weekly radio show in which he all but confirmed CBS Sports Greg Anthony as the culprit for the second review. Apparently according to Cronin, Anthony informed the refs there were additional angles that they should look at.

As a media member you should never influence the out come or the flow of the game. Anthony in a sense costed Cincinnati a win, on an 11-0 run the Bearcats had all the momentum in the game only to have it stolen away by a media member who had to step in.

Anthony apparently motioned to the Louisville bench and the referees that they should review it again. Anyone that watched the broadcast knew the CBS crew was pro Louisville. When the Cardinals made a shot it was always so grand call, the Bearcats resulted in a monotone, nice shot.

Greg Anthony should be suspended, no media member should ever motion to a team or alert the refs of a mistake. If you want to impact a game Greg be a coach.


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  • CM Punk

    Wow…Bias to the extreme in this “article.” I’m neither a UL or UC fan and, in fact, hate both teams…But don’t come off as this big of crybabies. BTW, watching with fans of each team, mostly UC fans, they all agree the ball clearly changed direction and all Greg Anthony supposedly did was tell them to look at more angles, not pay off the refs.

    Grow up.

    • Richard Boylan

      Also a fan of neither, however a media person is supposed to be unbiased in their presentation of the facts before them, and it did not appear so listening to the game. that said the officials should never listen to anything interjected into a contest by the media. the procedure for reviews is set in the rule book and discussed with the producers before the game. they are talking with the producer while looking at the video at the table and ask about other angles and shots available for review. once they come out after reviewing the footage available they make their decision. going back to review again is a problem. I believe a couple years ago a crew got suspended after a Minnesota womens game, for various reasons one of which was going back to the monitor to take a second look at the last second shot.

  • TheDude

    Cincinnati fan here. When you look at the view from above, you can CLEARLY see the change in direction of the ball. Now I think I learned that in Physics class, an object will continue in its path unless acted upon by an outside source..

    Us UC fans are not all crybabies… Just the ones that have overwhelming opinions..

    • Nate Shelton

      I’m definitely a UC fan and try to stay as unbiased as possible, but I don’t think you can say it “clearly” changes direction. I do not see a change in direction, which is what I have been looking at. The problem though is not with the call, it is with the role of the media. It is not an announcer’s role to impose his own opinion to a ref on a call.

  • Green Beals

    You need to substantiate better or in the end you’re just making this up. How did this article make it onto Fansided?

  • bearcats4

    The ball hit Louisville player’s ankle, and with a spin went out of bounds, the spin caused the ball to slightly change the direction and NOT a UC player. Greg Anthony obviously is a Coach at heart and loves Louisville. Under no circumstance should an unouncer influence the official’s calls, Anthony directly did. On the second thaught, maybe Anthony is an Official at heart, so long as Anthony is anouncing, Louisville has nothing to worry about, Anthony will find an angle for them.

  • Jay


    • Tina Carrelli Minnick

      I saw that. Wow!

  • Matt Ashcraft

    How is this dude writing for a website. He said costed! Holy shit, internet, not every idiot needs to have their idiotic voice heard.

  • Eric