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Jan 30, 2014; Louisville, KY, USA; Cincinnati Bearcats forward Justin Jackson (5) and guard Sean Kilpatrick (23) battle Louisville Cardinals forward Montrezl Harrell (24) for a rebound during the second half at KFC Yum! Center. Cincinnati defeated Louisville 69-66. Mandatory Credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville Cardinals Fans Grasp To Anything To Complain

While researching some of Sean Kilpatrick’s numbers earlier I stumbled across this gem from SB Nation’s Card ChronicleThey are accusing Kilpatrick of taking, wait for it, 13 seconds to shoot a free throw. They are complaining about 2-3 seconds, 2 to 3!

Louisville Cardinals fans are grasping for anything to complain about, a National Championship last season and a move to the ACC isn’t enough to appease these people. Instead they have dedicated an entire story to Kilpatrick and his free throw shooting tendencies.

“When you rewatch that heartbreaker, or just about any other UC game this season, something stands out about Kilpatrick’s free-throw routine…namely the fact that it seems to take an eternity. His process seems to consist of grabbing the ball, taking five minutes to ponder what was whispered to Scarlett Johannson at the end of Lost in Translation, about 15 dribbles, another minute to make sure he’s fully sold on the Johannson answer he came up with earlier, and then a shot attempt.”

When was this heartbreaker? Certainly it wasn’t the first Cincinnati Louisville matchup this season where Cincinnati lead for all but 2 minutes. I’ll go ahead and say Kilpatrick has never seen Lost in Translation, stop being that guy trying to be creative with an obscure reference. He takes on average 7-9 dribbles, stop exaggerating. This paragraph alone should be an example why the people of Louisville shouldn’t be allowed on the internet.

“According to the hard data collected by my iPhone stopwatch, here are the results:

Attempt One: 13.33 seconds

Attempt Two: 13.76 seconds

Attempt Three: 13.28 seconds

Attempt Four: 13.13 seconds

None of those are even close to being under the 10 seconds allotted by the basic rules of basketball. If Kilpatrick was taking somewhere around 10 or 11 seconds it would be one thing, but this is like being awarded three points for a 16-foot jump shot.”

Lets just start with the fact you stop watched a youtube video. Why do you have that much time Mike Rutherford? For better results next time you should time all attempts. I don’t have the time or care to do it but I guarantee they aren’t all 13 seconds.

Even if he is taking 13 seconds are you really hung up on the face he is taking 2 seconds too long? Are we just going to forget about all of those Peyton Silva carries to the basket, those 10 step walks in the paint. Maybe we should complain about Pitino and how far out of the coaches box he goes. Lets be that nitpicky. Then again you never look at yourself when you complain.

Cardinals fans rank up their with Xavier fans when it comes to annoyance. Here’s an idea if you don’t like how long Kilpatrick takes tell your team to not foul so much, be more disciplined. This whole article is ridiculous, including the one you’re currently reading.

Let the game Saturday do the talking, not the comments section of either article. As much as we all like beating Louisville it will be nice not to have to deal with their delusional fans.

P.S. Cardinals fans a friendly reminder from your friends up north:

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