Shots Fired: Cincinnati v. Ohio State

UC at Ohio Stadium

The Cincinnati Bearcats and the Ohio State Buckeyes will meet this fall for a battle of Ohio in Columbus but that didn’t stop one ballsy UC fan from enhancing the field at Ohio Stadium Wednesday night. Sometime during the night a Cincinnati fan drew a gigantic “UC” in the snow on the field. As you can expect Ohio State fans were not happy.

The Ohio State blog posted the picture and a lovely paragraph about the Cincinnati Ohio State match up.

“But, like a little brother lashing out for attention from their older sibling, it appears a Cincinnati fan has overplayed UC’s hand”

Cincinnati is the little brother here, sure yeah you and your one dispute national title in the last 40 years makes us quiver in our shoes. Lashing out? I mean if that’s your idea of lashing out then sure, but we don’t need the attention. One fan can overplay our hand? Are all Ohio State fans middle finger wielding mad men like Marcus Hall, I’ll just assume so.

“Oh, Cincinnati, you should be careful when poking a dragon with a stick. The last thing you want to do is make a dragon angry. Though, it might not be fair to paint the whole university with the actions of a student (or three) more-than-likely still bitter about their rejection letters from Ohio State.”

Who is the dragon? So confused, is this the dragon that laid down against Michigan State and couldn’t beat a Clemson team that got destroyed by Florida State? No one is scared of that dragon anymore, I’ll poke it with a fire poker all day, whats the worst that could happen? The defense gives up 435 yards then 576 yards the next game, no one is scared of this dragon. Then you take a shot at getting accepted into your wonderful university, I got in then realized I looked much better in black than silver.

At long last though Cincinnati got the last laugh when the official UC twitter tweeted this out:

“OSU EATS LITTLE SCHOOLS LIKE UC.” Cincinnati then proceeded to beat Ohio State in 1961 and 1962 for the Basketball National Championship. Ohio State only has one National Championship in 1960 for those keeping score at home Cincinnati wins.

I know Ohio State fans will see this and say we’re jealous, that we’re 0-2 in BCS games, that we play in an awful conference, that we got embarrassed but UNC. All of that is true, you’re right, but we don’t go around telling everyone how great we are (i.e. Ohio State fans).

Cincinnati hates Ohio State and vice versa, Ohio State didn’t want to play at Nippert so the Bearcats will travel there September 27th until then though, the war will continue. Surely some Ohio State fan at UC will attempt the same thing at Nippert and we can continue this then.

The social media war is just getting started only 7 months to go.

Feel free to tweet me your comments (@MattNiehaus), Ohio State fans are always fun. If talking to a sidewalk was fun.

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