Cincinnati Bengals Healthy Go vs New York Jets.

The Cincinnati Bengals have ended a third straight week of practices as healthy as they could be. Aside from, of course, Leon hjn081313bengals-26pHall’s season ending injury that happened at Detroit last weekend and Devon Still’s serious elbow injury, the rest of the Bengals’ roster will be intact once again this Sunday when they host the New York Jets (4:05pm on CBS).

As battered and beat up as the Bengals appeared after their physical win against the Lions, they enter Week 8 with Hall and Still as the only playeres for an extended period of time. Both had already been ruled out for the game when the week’s first injury report was released Wednesday afternoon. Rey Maualuga, Terrance Newman, Marvin Jones and Wallace Gilberry, others who took shots last Sunday and either missed part of the game or part of practices this week, were back Friday afternoon.

Newman and Gilberry practiced in full yesterday, and Jones and Maualuga were in limited. Gilberry and Jones missed Thursday’s practice session completely.

Maualuga and Newman were listed as Probable for the weekend, while Jones and Gilberry were listed as Questionable.

One of the things the Bengals have been trying to do all week is determine whether they’ll be able to make a roster move to account for Hall’s lost and at least for this week, Still’s absence. They haven’t yet been able to pull the card on bringing in players from the outside, and have decided to go through the weekend with who they have.

Some of Cincinnati’s greatest depth is at Hall’s position and Still’s, cornerback and defensive tackle. After the Bengals get through this game, they will determine whether to make a move ahead of next Thursday’s game at Miami.

When the Bengals do make a move, they likely will send Hall to the injured reserve. He currently remains on the 53 man roster until that move occurs.

DT Devon Still

RB Rex Burkhead

DE Wallace Gilberry
WR Marvin Jones
LB Rey Maualuga
CB Terence Newman


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