Batboy Could Turn Reds' Season Around

As every Reds fan knows, the team is struggling right now. They are six games back, and two teams ahead of them in the division- Pittsburgh and St. Louis – are running away from the Reds.

The Reds aren’t playing good baseball and they seem unmotivated right now, they are in need of a spark. Some may say the Reds need to make a trade to get that spark, others might say they need to bring up Billy Hamilton, but I think a batboy, yes, a batboy, could provide the spark.

If you’re a Reds fan, you probably remember Teddy Kremer. Kremer is a 30-year-old man who has down syndrome, and every player loves him. When Kremer is the batboy, he puts every single player in a better mood. In-fact, once he told his “best friend” Todd Frazier to hit a home run for him, he did.

Every time Teddy has served as batboy, the team does better. The last time he was batboy was on April 14 against the Miami Marlins, the team scored 11 runs. After every single scoring play, Teddy was there to congratulate the player by giving him a high five or a hug.

Once the Reds return home, they should give Teddy a call and ask if he could be the batboy for a game or two.

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