It's Time For A New Catcher

The Reds have struggled with their catchers this year. Ryan Hanigan was struggling with the bat, and is now on the disabled list. Devin Mesoraco is a better hitter than Hanigan, but his numbers still really aren’t that good. After Hanigan was put on the DL, 37-year-old, unproductive, Corky Miller was brought up.

While all three catches are pretty good at calling games from behind the plate, they are so unproductive it’s pathetic sometimes.

It may be time for a new catcher.

Who is that catcher, you ask? How about Jason Castro, the catcher for the Houston Astros. Castro was named an All Star this year, and he deserves it; he’s hitting .266, has 12 home runs, and has knocked in 31. The Astros need help, badly. If the Reds could send Chris Heisey, Donald Lutz,  and any catcher to Houston, the trade might work.

The only issue that would occur would be that Castro is really one of the few bright spots the dreadful Astros have. Also, Walt Jocketty has too much confidence in his team that he’s afraid to trade anyone, even the worst players on the club.

Every Reds fan knows that the team is missing something, a productive catcher. The Reds should try to make a trade with their old division rivals and land Jason Castro.

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  • strosdude9

    For a team to acquire a 26-year old All-Star catcher, they would have to give up MUCH more than the names you gave here. The Astros wouldn’t be interested Heisey or Lutz. You can’t give up poop for a diamond; no matter how much poop you try to give.

    • Cooper Ledford

      Thanks for reading my article and commenting. Interesting opinion, I understand though coming from an Astros’ fan. I see your point, but Lutz, I honestly think, will tear it up one day. But I could also see where the Astros wouldn’t want to give up one of their few bright spots on the roster. We’ll see what happens.