Reds Face Garza Tonight

Tonight the Cincinnati Reds will face Cubs’ pitcher, Matt Garza. After a game against the Reds on May 26, Garza had some complaints about the team and Johnny Cueto.

During the game, Cueto threw a pitch over the head of David DeJesus, everyone, including DeJesus put it behind them, but Garza was still upset. Garza at one point told reporters that Cueto needed to “grow the hell up”.

We’ll see if Garza will get any kind of payback tonight, as it is his first time pitching against the Reds since that game in late May.

Brandon Phillips was reminded of the issue that occurred in May, he said he had forgotten about it, but then added “You know what that means, I’m going to get hit. I just got back. I’m still hurting right now. I’m just going to play the game. … We’ll see what happens, that’s all I know.”

The Cubs consider the Cardinals to be their biggest rivals, but if you ask any Cardinals player or fan who their biggest rival is, they’ll all say Cincinnati. Perhaps the Cubs, like the Pirates, are trying to become rivals with the Reds, who knows.

If Garza hits any batter, expect some not-nice words from whoever got hit, or perhaps even a warning from the home plate umpire tonight.

Of course Garza hates Johnny Cueto, and Cueto would be pitching tonight, had he not been put on the 15-day disabled list for the second time this season. Instead, Tony Cingrani will start. Cingrani was called up from AAA the last time Cueto was on the DL, he was nothing less than spectacular, he, though, was the odd-man-out once Cueto was healthy again; tonight he’ll try to prove, once again, that he is a big league pitcher.

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