Dusty Wants Cueto and Garza To Fight

Yesterday, Reds’ pitcher Johnny Cueto threw a pitch over the head of the Cubs’ David DeJesus. Matt Garza, the Cubs’ starter in yesterday’s game, was not happy about that, claiming Cueto did it intentionally.

“Hopefully, he grows the hell up. I hope he hears this, I really don’t care. I don’t know if there’s anything between him and DeJesus, but I’ll stop it. I don’t think you intentionally try to injure somebody. I hope the league looks at it. I don’t want him suspended or anything. I hope his players talk to him and show him the way it is.”

Dusty Baker says he has not talked to Cueto about the ‘issue’, but he says he wants the two pitchers to fight each other, “Just put them in a room, let them box and let it be over with. I always said this, let it be like hockey, let them fight, someone hits the ground and it’s over with. I’m serious about that.”

Cubs’ outfielder Alfonso Soriano jokingly said “I’ll bet on Garza because he’s on my team, I hope Dusty will want to bet with me. I bet a couple hundred on Garza.”

But remember fellas, no betting on baseball, you’ll never get into the Hall that way.

Dusty Baker also said “If you’ve got something to say, you go over and tell them.”

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