Does MLB Enslave Pete Rose?


It was a beautiful night for Cincinnati Fans at the All Star game, but not because of the game.

Every fan forgot about anything that Pete Rose did in defamation, instead they remembered 4,192, the remembered the head first slides, the 500 games at five different positions, the 1970 All Star Game, ’75 and ’76 and the undoubtable Hall of Fame career that was the single greatest hitter of all time. Yes, argue with me if you will, but name someone who had more hits. If the point of hitting is to hit, no one did it better.

The point is, Pete Rose brought more joy to that city in a minute and 27 seconds, than he did pain or disgrace to baseball in his gambling tirade. Call it what you will, but the good outweighs the bad.

He never cheated the game. The game has cheated him. If you don’t believe me, take a trip to Cooperstown. Go into the Hall of Fame, and count the times you see Rose, his accomplishments, his records, and his equipment. Pete Rose is in the Hall of Fame as a pillar to baseball history already. The fact that he cannot have a bust is hypocritical.

How can you celebrate Rose’s career and accomplishments and leave the person that did it out of it? Baseball uses Pete Rose when it is convenient for them, not to show empathy. They want him around for ratings and viewership. They want him around because they know what he brings to the game. It is a power trip for Major League Baseball.

They know he will crawl to their every demand in hopes of getting in. Pete Rose is essentially a slave to the game that he gave so much to.

My message to the MLB. Even if you erase Trotsky, the world will still remember who he was.