Game Recap: Reds implausible Victory over Nationals


It may have taken a spot lit player in Stephen Strausburg to get hurt for the Cincinnati Reds to finally have a complete game; however, one player’s injury on the opposing team does not effect the entire complete performance of the Cincinnati Reds.

And that is what this game was, a complete 5-2 win, complete.

Yes, before you all decide to roast me, I understand that it was the first win in a long time, and that there has not been much success on a continuous streak in a while; however, at some point there needs to be credit given where credit is due.

Anthony DeSclafani pitched a fine game, and the bullpen was about a effective as it has been in a long time. And should I mention that there were some firsts that happened tonight as well?

Joey Votto hit his first homerun in almost a month. Billy Hamilton stole another base and his batting average is starting to climb up to heights for which the likes of Reds fans have not seen in a while, .222 (that is sad).

Anywho, the 5-2 win was just what the Reds needed. It was not just that it was the “big win” and against a good team that you always hear about, but it had everything that the Reds like to build their organization around.

The top of the order produced as Dusty Baker would say, “Big time” tonight. Zack Cozart led the charge with three hits. The aforementioned Votto drove in a run on a drive to Left Center Field in the first inning, and Todd Frazier had one of his patented “upper-deck jobbers” that helped the Reds pull past the Washington ballclub in the seventh inning.

And how soon we forget, those are only two of the five runs. Brandon Phillips was able to jump into the lineup for an RBI Sac Fly during his one pinch hit AB. Then Hamilton and Cozart both had 2-out RBI in the sixth inning to break the tie and add insurance.

In terms of the pitching, DeSclafani went six innings only giving up two runs. I think that most people would take that every night. Couple that with a bullpen appearance that did not allow a run through three inning, and it was a very solid night pitching and hitting. It was an all around, complete team win, for the first time in forever.