Royals Rout Reds


Plain and simple, the Cincinnati Reds failed offensively tonight. Any time that a pitching staff gives up less than 4 runs, and that team loses, the blame can be entirely shifted to one aspect. You did not hit enough, or in the Reds case tonight, they did not hit at all.

The Kansas City Royals shut out the Reds in the first of two games. In large part because of two men, Yordano Ventura and Mike Moustakas.

Ventura lasted 7 innings for the Royals not allowing a single run on four hits. Moustakas on the other hand went 3-4, including two doubles, and two RBI.

If there were any bright spots for the Reds tonight, there were two. The pitching staff while it did not shut down a team, did hold them down to a respectable three runs. Keep in mind that Kansas City has the best hitting team in terms of batting average in Major League Baseball.

It was nice to see the bullpen come in and not surrender a run after the entire pitching staff his a massive road bump against San Francisco.

The other bright spot was Catcher/DH Devin Mesoraco. He was able to collect to hits on pitches that he scorched into left field in two of his at bats tonight.

The Reds will try and stop this now four game losing streak tomorrow. Jason Marquis will face off against Jeremy Guthrie.