NFL Week 14 Power Rankings and Playoff Predictions


Nov 30, 2014; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) looks to throw a pass during the first half gainst the New England Patriots at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

As Week 14 dawns, the NFL season is more three-quarters of the way finished, as all teams have played at least 12 games. With that in mind and the end in sight, it’s time to hunker down and rank the 32 teams from top to bottom as December kicks off.  As a bonus, we throw in our predictions for which teams will make the playoffs so that we can all have a good laugh a month from now when the landscape changes, as it inevitably does in the NFL.  

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The rankings …

32. Oakland Raiders – So much for any good feelings left over from the KC victory.  Ugliness all around in 52-point shutout by the Rams.

31. Tennessee Titans – The Titans are bad, and they proved it in Houston.

30.  Washington Redskins – The Redskins were totally outclassed during the final three quarters in Indianapolis.

29. Carolina Panthers – Another week, another big loss for the Panthers.

28. New York Giants – Will the Giants win even one more game before Tom Coughlin is shown the door?

27. Jacksonville Jaguars – Sure, the Giants always lose, but still a good win for the young Jags.

26.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The Buccaneers nearly pulled off an upset of the playoff-bound Bengals.

25. New York Jets – The Jets had a win in their sites against Miami on Monday night but couldn’t quite pull it off.

24. Chicago Bears – The Bears are going nowhere fast, and changes may be looming in the Windy City.

23. Minnesota Vikings – The Vikes are quietly building a foundation for the future.

22. St. Louis Rams – The Rams completely smashed the Raiders, who came in riding a high.

21. Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons took care of the floundering Cardinals to keep pace with the Saints.

20. Houston Texans – An easy home win against the Titans doesn’t say a whole lot, but it did bring the Texans’ record to .500.

19. Kansas City Chiefs – They took it on the chin against the Broncos at home, and now the Chiefs are scrambling for playoff position.

18. Cleveland Browns – The Browns went to Buffalo and got schooled, and the playoffs are looking like a pipe dream.

17. New Orleans Saints – A big win in Pittsburgh bodes well for the Saints in the final four games of the season.  Prediction: NFC South Champion

16. Pittsburgh Steelers – Losing to a not-good Saints team at home put a hurt on the Steelers post-season chances.

15. Arizona Cardinals – The Cardinals have not adjusted their offensive scheme since Carson Palmer went down, and they’re paying for it.

14. Miami Dolphins – The Jets gave them a scare, but the Dolphins playoff hopes remain alive.

13. Buffalo Bills – The Bills made it look easy against the Browns.

12. San Francisco 49ers – The 49ers did not look like title contenders in losing to the Seahawks.

11. Baltimore Ravens – Losing at home to the Chargers was a blow to the Ravens division title hopes.  Prediction: AFC Wild Card

10. San Diego Chargers – Winning in Baltimore this late in the season may be a good sign for the Chargers as the playoffs approach.  Prediction: AFC Wild Card

9. Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys don’t match up well with the Eagles, and that could be a problem for the stretch run.  Prediction: NFC Wild Card

8. Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals barely held on to beat a bad Buccaneers team but they increased their division lead in the process. Prediction: AFC North Champion

7. Seattle Seahawks – These Seahawks are finally starting to look like the defending champs. Prediction: NFC West Champion

6. Detroit Lions – The Lions had struggled in recent weeks but picked up a big home win against the Bears on Sunday. Prediction: NFC Wild Card

5.  Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles are much better than we thought, and blowing out the Cowboys, in Dallas on Thanksgiving, is big. Prediction: NFC East Champion 

4. Indianapolis Colts – They killed the Redskins after a slow start, but giving up 27 points is cause for concern.  Prediction: AFC South Champion

3. Denver Broncos – Winning on the road in a rivalry game is always a good feat. Prediction: AFC West Champion

2. New England Patriots – The Patriots gave it a good shot but just couldn’t come back against the Pack in Lambeau. Prediction: AFC East Champion

1. Green Bay Packers – When Number 1 loses to Number 2, we have to have a new Number 1.  Prediction: NFC North Champion