Cincinnati Bengals Game-by-Game Predictions


The Cincinnati Bengals kickoff their regular season in just a few days, and all we really know about the team is that they survived the preseason more or less intact.  They have made the playoffs three years in a row, but nothing is certain in the NFL.  That uncertainty won’t keep us from predicting each of the Bengals’ games, though, and we’ll do it right now, before Andy Dalton makes his first handoff.


Week 1 at Baltimore Ravens:  Opening week has been rough for Dalton, but he has something to prove after signing a big contract this summer.  Win

Week 2 vs. Atlanta Falcons:  No one is too scared of the Falcons entering this season, and the Bengals have no reason to be, either.  Win

Week 3 vs. Tennessee Titans:  The Bengals have had the Titans’ number in recent years, and the Bingo game will continue at Paul Brown Stadium.  Win

Week 4 : Bye

Week 5 at New England Patriots:  This October game probably won’t be cold, but facing Tom Brady at home is never easy.  Loss

Week 6 vs. Carolina Panthers:  The Panthers may be up-and-comers, but the Bengals will bounce back from a poor showing in New England with a home win.    Win

Week 7 at Indianapolis Colts:  Yeah, the Bengals’ defense has a chance to be special, but Andrew Luck has a chance to be “Peyton Manning” special.   Loss

Week 8 vs. Baltimore Ravens:  The Ravens will want to avenge their opening-week loss, but will fall short on the Riverfront.  Win

Week 9 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars:  Another young team on the rise, another young team that will leave Cincinnati disappointed.  Win

Week 10 vs. Cleveland Browns:  The Browns are a mess, but they won’t mess up Cincy’s playoff hopes, especially not at Paul Brown Stadium.  Win

Week 11 at New Orleans Saints:  The Saints should be in full playoff grind mode by this point and will be tough to beat at home.  Loss

Week 12 at Houston Texans:  J.J. Watt and what else?  Dalton may take some hits, but the Bengals will leave Texas with another victory.  Win

Week 13 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Believe it or not, the Bucs have a chance to make some noise and could be dangerous at home.  Loss

Week 14 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers:  Who knows what to expect from the Steelers this season?  One thing you SHOULD expect is a Begals’ victory in Week 14.  Win

Week 15 at Cleveland Browns:  Hard to see the Browns getting much better in a little over a month.  Win

Week 16 vs. Denver Broncos:  Peyton Manning.   Peyton Manning.   Peyton Manning.  That’s what we’ll be hearing a lot of in Week 16 as the Broncos steal one in Cincinnati.  Loss

Week 17 at Pittsburgh Steelers:  If the Steelers have any kind of playoff life at all in the final game, Mike Tomlin’s crew will lay it all on the line at home.  Loss

Put it all together and you have a 10-6 campaign that puts the Bengals right in the thick of the playoff hunt but not running away from anybody.  Looking objectively at this team, that seems about right.