We Need Writers For Riverfront Ball!


As the cornerstone of the FanSided Network’s Cincinnati area sports coverage, our goal has always been to establish Riverfront Ball as the top Cincinnati sports site on the web, making the site into a daily resource for all of your local news and analysis.

With a goal to cover Cincinnati area sports as thoroughly as possible, it requires having a strong team of writers in place to help live up to that promise. Do you have a passion for Cincinnati sports? D you find yourself with opinions and want more opportunities to share them? Do you like to write?

There just might be an opportunity here at Riverfront Ball for you to join our team.

FanSided continues to grow and reach a broader audience daily, through our increasingly popular FanSided.com homepage and the 280+ team sites that each call FanSided home.

We’re looking for individuals who are passionate about Cincinnati sports and want to share their voice with countless readers. Topics are wide open and generally up to our writers, so long as they are area sports related in some regard. Opinionated columns are key, provided you know what you’re talking about and can back up your opinions with relevant knowledge.

Prior experience writing in an online platform is always beneficial, but certainly not required.

With a growing collection of writers within the network there is a great group to learn from, network with, and help you out along the way – making this a great place to get started if you’re an aspiring journalist, budding writer, or just simply someone looking to expand upon a hobby.

A number of our former writers have gone on to full time careers at local newspapers or national publications, with a few even landing positions working closely with the teams themselves. We’re firm believers in creating opportunities for our own here at FanSided, as every member of our network’s leadership has been promoted from within.

Think you might have some interest in joining the team or do you know someone who would? Head on over and complete our online application. You’ll be asked to share some insight into why you’d like to join us and for a sample of your writing. We’ll be in touch from there and will be happy to answer whatever questions you might have as we further discuss some of the expectations that we ask from our writers.