Bearcats Hijack #MyXavierCourt


Xavier wanted to have fun. Bearcats fans took all the fun.

Why do organizations continue to do this to themselves? Stop trying to have contests and Q&A’s over twitter, they are constantly hijacked by the oppositions. Thursday night Xavier University announced they wanted the fans to help them design their new basketball court. Bad idea.

As you can imagine Cincinnati Bearcats fans immediately hijacked Xavier’s good natured twitter contest. It all started with this tweet from Xavier:

Seems fun, this will unite Xavier fans. Yeah sure, until Bearcats fans find out about said contest. All hell broke loose, the debauchery was amazing, the results were fantastic. This is what followed:

This is the Dez Wells ‘I just got paid face’.

Penis, and more penis was the theme of the night.

This is perhaps the best one of the night. Great work Scott.

That was from a Xavier fan. In case you didn’t know Xavier doesn’t have a DAAP program. Obviously.

And then along comes Punch a Donkey. When Xavier fans wonder why Cincinnati fans find them annoying this is case in point.

You’re telling me if Cincinnati did this Xavier fans wouldn’t hijack it? Oh right, Xavier fans are people of god, holier than thou. Get out of here X. Bearcats fans did exactly what they were supposed to do tonight. Take something good natured and turn it around on Xavier making them question why they would ever do this. Hopefully one of these wonderful designs gets picked. The ones with the Cincinnati skyline better not happen.  Go Bearcats! Follow us on Twitter @CincyvsEveryone