Cincinnati Bengals Sellout all 2013 Home Games.


I guess it’s a milestone, but for the first time since 2009 season, the Cincinnati Bengals sold out their entire regular season home schedule. Now can we sell out the first home playoff game? We’ll discuss that later.

Today, they announced that the regular season finale game against the Baltimore Ravens is a sellout.

Last season, a playoff year for the Bengals. They had two home games against the New York Giants and Oakland Raiders that were blackout due to lack of ticket sales. They have now sold out 10 straight home games, and 15 of the last 17 . Pretty good solid if you ask me.

Last week, they needed an extension in order to sell enough tickets to keep their game against the Minnesota Vikings on local television. Well, it did and Bengals fans watched a beat down their team put on the Vikings 42-14 last Sunday. It was also the 2nd time this season the Bengals needed an extension to sellout Paul Brown Stadium and avoid a blackout.