Two Seed Possibility, Cincinnati Benglas Won’t Rest Starters.


With the Cincinnati Bengals already clinching a playoff berth and the AFC North title, they have two more things to do this weekend.

Perfect home record and first-round bye (No. 2 seed in AFC playoffs).

Obviously, the team want to head to the playoffs with momentum. They have the Baltimore Ravens coming to Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday, with a chance if they win the game, and possibly move up to the No. 2 seed in the AFC with some help courtesy of the Buffalo Bills, it’s likely that if Baltimore makes the postseason, its possible they will return to Cincinnati the next week for the wild card round game.

The odds of the Ravens returning to Cincinnati for a playoff game is slightly very low. They must win and have help to get in the postseason party. I know Bengals players don’t want them in the playoffs.

The Bengals definitely going to take this game seriously on Sunday, you won’t see the starters come out. Also, the team want some payback after losing the first meeting up in Baltimore 20-17 (OT) on Nov.10th

Only way the teams will meet up in the wild card round, is a Ravens win and combination of losses by the Dolphins or Chargers, will put Baltimore as the No.6 seed. If the New England Patriots win Sunday, they will hold on to the No.2 seed, the Bengals will remain the No. 3 seed, and will host the wild card game next weekend.

But the No.2 seed is still a possibility, a Cincinnati victory over the Ravens and Patriots lost to the Bills, will give them a first-round bye. This team has a lot to play for this weekend and players have to be ready.

Bengals Defense Domata Peko tackle said it the best.”You always want to go into the playoffs hot.” Peko said. “You never want to be a team that’s on the downfall going into the playoffs. You want to be on the rise. If we handle business this week, we’ll be one of those tough teams on the rise.”