The Push For No.2 Seed For Cincinnati Bengals.


Dec 8, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals tight end Alex Smith (81) reacts after a call was reviewed for a touchdown during the second quarter against the Indianapolis Colts at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals have three crucial games to end the season, that have a lot to do with playoff seedings.

A division title is on the line potentially this Sunday night, and a chance to climb over to the No. 2 seed by the end of the night if things go to plan. If this team win all of their last three games of the regular season, and head to the playoffs on a six game winning streak, the possibility is there that they could claim the AFC’s No.2 seed, which includes a first round bye and home game.

They will need help from the opponents the current No. 2 seed New England Patriots play down the stretch. One Patriots loss in the next three games, and if the Bengals take care of their business they will take over the two spot.

On the line for this team is a big game this Sunday night  at Pittsburgh against their hated rival Steelers. They must be ready cause the Steelers will be, doesn’t matter what their record is these games are always physical and always come down to the wire.

The Bengals can clinch a spot in the postseason this Sunday, if they win their game against the Steelers, and the Dolphins lose to the Patriots. All Bengals fans, want the Dolphins to beat the Pats, and the game is at Miami they have great shot to do it.

The AFC North can be clinch for the third time under Head Coach Marvin Lewis if they win at Pittsburgh and the Ravens lose at Detroit on Monday night.

A lot can happen these next three weeks, and with previous Bengals teams it didn’t matter what seed they were just happy to be in the tournament, this team is focus and know what they have ahead of them is a great opportunity to move up in the standings. This city will be buzzing if this team gets the No. 2 seed, now they gotta focus on Sunday night’s game.

Current AFC Playoff Picture:

1. Broncos 11-2 (clinched playoff berth)home vs Chargers Thursday night 12/12

2. Patriots 10-3 (away vs Dolphins)

3. Bengals 9-4 (away vs Steelers

4. Colts 8-5 (clinched AFC South) home vs Texans

5. Chiefs 10-3 (away vs Raiders)

6. Ravens 7-6 (away vs Lions Monday night 12/16)