Cincinnati Bengals Hunting For First Round Bye.


The month of December has gotten off to a good start for the Cincinnati Bengals, after going cross-country last weekend to San Diego and defeating the Chargers 17-10 to improve their record to 8-4 on the season and up their lead in the AFC North to two games with four to play.

The team now is the number four seed in the AFC, but that could change this weekend when the 8-4 Indianapolis Colts (currently the No. 3 seed), come to Paul Brown Stadium, where a Cincinnati win they leap-frog the Colts into the three slot and have the advantage and tiebreaker over them.

This team has hopes of attaining the two seed, where you get a first round bye and a home game. The primary hope is for the Bengals is to go 4-0 down the stretch. That would put them at 12-4, and would increase their chances of a 1st round bye.

The Denver Broncos and New England Patriots, are the teams ahead of Cincinnati, they could also win out. If to say that happens, the No. 3 seed is the realistic scenario, which isn’t a bad thing for this football team.

Cincinnati also is seeking a perfect home record at PBS, where they are right now 5-0. The team has played so well in there this season, they feed off from the 60,000 plus fans in attendance rooting them on. It’s difficult to win every game at home, but this team has all the confidence they can achieve that goal.

Current AFC Playoff Picture:

1. Broncos 10-2 ( home vs Titans 4:05pm)

2. Patriots 9-3 (home vs Browns 1pm)

3. Colts 8-4 (away vs Bengals 1pm)

4. Bengals (home vs Colts 1pm)

5. Chiefs (away vs Redskins 1pm)

6. Ravens (home vs Vikings 1pm)