Cincinnati Bengals Officially Put DT Geno Atkins On IR.


The Cincinnati Bengals officially put their all pro defensive tackle Geno Atkins on IR. Atkins torn his ACL Thursday night in Miami,

which the Bengals lost in overtime 22-20.

The Bengals signed defensive tackle Christo Bilukidi after placing Atkins on IR, Bilukidi had 13 tackles and 1 sack played 18 career games for the Oakland Raiders. He was a 6th round  pick for Oakland in 2012. With Atkins placed in the list of IR players, that makes 8 players on the list for the Bengals all from the defensive side such a crazy sport the NFL is.

The Bengals rested this weekend as they watched the Steelers get blitzed by the Patriots 55-31, and the Cleveland Browns defeating the Baltimore Ravens 24-18. So, the top two teams in the AFC North are the Bengals and the Browns, with the Ravens and Steelers 3rd and 4th,who would have thought that midway through the season. Bengals will head to Baltimore to take on the Ravens Sunday at 1pm and will return to PBS to take on the Browns the next week.

Safe to say these are two big games coming up for this team as the bye week approaches for them.