Brandon Phillips: The Attitude


Reds current second baseman Brandon Phillips has a two reputations with Cincinnati Reds fans. The first is the fun loving BP that women and children love, the guy that smiles, takes pictures and goes to events. The other is the childish self absorbed attitude that comes from Brandon Phillips. The attitude is what fans have started to notice more recently.

For the past few months there have been tweets and rumors about Brandon Phillips direct messaging (DM) people on twitter for criticism that was directed at him. Monday night I was lucky enough to have non other than Brandon Phillips send me a DM.

Phillips was mad about a tweet I had sent saying he needed an attitude check for a tweet he sent. Once I figured out that the tweet wasn’t baseball related I deleted my tweet. Phillips though is not an understanding individual. Instead he proceeded to send me three DM’s.

The first message he sent is the most telling. Swearing at someone is what you do when you’re belligerent and have nothing valid to stand on. Phillips then proceeded to send two more messages unprovoked, the second he needs an english lesson. The third was Phillips letting my tweet get to him. For a man that plays professional he is very insecure.

The DM has happened to others as well.

When people talk question and get angry that the Reds want to trade Brandon Phillips I wish they could have this sort of interaction. Sure Phillips is great in the community and kids love him. My 10 year old cousin worships the guy because of his on field play.

If Phillips just played great on the field and stayed out of the press things would be great and he’d likely be a Red forever. The way things are going though Brandon Phillips will likely not be a Red come spring training.

From the trashing of Joey Votto’s contract and the proverbial slap in the face by Bob Castellini to the “Fat MotherF#$ker” comments toward C. Trent Rosencrans to the collapse comments following the NL Wild Card loss Phillips has a way of keeping his name in the press.

His focus has drifted from on the field activities to off the field activities. Phillips is coming off his worse season offensively as a Red. He is coming off his most successful season on Instagram and twitter though. Phillips spends more time tweeting and instagaming the “debbies” than he does worrying about his swing.

Not to mention his september slump and lackadaisical play at the end of the season. Brandon Phillips and his antics have run their course in Cincinnati. Atlanta would love a hometown boy, Cincinnati would love some open payroll.

All I can say is Brandon Phillips’ attitude will not be missed by this writer. The gold glove defense sure but not the baggage that goes along with it.