Bengals vs Browns Preview


The Bengals defense has to win this game and the offense just can’t turn it over. The defense has to force Hoyer to turn it over and they’ve got to make the running backs put the ball on the ground. The defense has to win this game. When you go on the road, if you can just play a clean game and your defense just plays, you’ve got a shot at winning. The defense can’t let Josh Gordon get going. It can’t let Jordan Cameron get going. That tight end is good. Running back Willis McGahee won’t be the guy that gained eight yards last week.

The defensive line has to take advantage of the Browns offensive line. Their offensive line is a little banged up. The defense has to be playmakers. You just can’t rely on A.J. Green, Giovani Bernard and Andy Dalton every week. Those other dudes have to make some plays and I think this is that kind of game. They did that last week against Green Bay. If they did that against them, what are they going to do there?

You’ve got to play Chris Crocker. If you don’t the official is putting up both hands. That wide receiver for the Browns, Josh Gordon, is fast and talented. When you’re weak in the back end, it’s about can the protection for Cleveland hold up long enough for Brian Hoyer to do something about it? To me, pressure leads to picks. If they bring the pressure on the front end it will protect a weakened secondary.

PREDICTION : Bengals 27, Browns 21

TV: CBS at 1pm at Cleveland Brown Stadium in Cleveland,Ohio.