Ryan Ludwick Is Right


Hearing about a player call out fans is nothing new. Especially from an opposing team. To hear it come from one of your own

Aug 19, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Reds left fielder Ryan Ludwick (48) prepares to bat during the second inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Great American Ball Park. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

players though, thats an eye opener. Ryan Ludwick did just that earlier this week when he called out Reds fans for their lack of support.

Ludwick is right in calling out Reds fans and this city though. Cincinnati is mired in a race to the post season, they know their destiny is the NL Wild Card game what isn’t decided yet is where the game will be played. The atmosphere around GABP though has been that of a funeral. No excitement, no energy, just fans sitting there complaining about the team.

"“Coming over here, I heard about how big a baseball town this is. We’ve put a winning ballclub out there’’ three of the last four years, said Ludwick. “This is a good team. When we went to Pittsburgh, they had an advantage. Their fans were loud. A playoff atmosphere”"

All Ryan Ludwick wants is for the support of this city. Instead of focusing on the fact that Cincinnati is a 90+ team majority of people seem to be focused on the flaws of the team. Getting shown up by Pittsburgh, being told their fans are better than us, that is a slap in the face that should wake every fan up.

All week our twitter has received tweets about the Ryan Ludwick comments. The “shocked and appalled” tweets from people are pathetic. Listening to people justify why they won’t go to the ballpark is just as ridiculous. Now I will make a disclaimer, tickets are expensive especially if you are a family so I understand that. But to complain about beer prices as the reason you don’t go is ludicrous. Brilliant idea here, don’t drink at the ballpark.

What Ludwick said though had to be said and I’m happy that he said it. Sitting in my section there is no excitement, people just talking about healthcare watching blankly. That needs to change.

Has Cincinnati become bored with being in the postseason 3 out of the last 4 years? Remember in 2010 when the city was on the edge of their seat with excitement? Those were the days.

While the last two postseason appearances have ended in heartbreak, especially last season that is no reason not to support the team. This could be the year.

"“I might be be calling (fans) out. But I’m calling them out in a positive way. We want loud and energetic. It’s like a natural Red Bull. We need every positive aspect we can to keep this thing going.’’"

If you’re going to the games this weekend, be like a Red Bull, be loud, be energetic. Looking at ticket sales it looks like Saturday is a sold out game, Friday should be as well.

All we’re asking is do this city proud, there are 20 other cities around the country that would love to be in the position the Reds are.