Bengals vs Packers Preview.


The injuries in the secondary and a short week to prepare for Green Bay, especially the way the Packers offense has looked the first two weeks, on paper favors them to win this afternoon.

Green Bay’s defense is vulnerable and the Bengals two tight ends can exploit it. But Rodgers and those receivers against the Bengals DBs are such a mismatch. You look at Randall Cobb, you look at James Jones. Really, for the Bengals to win this game they’ve almost got to do what they did in the second half against Pittsburgh is to keep the ball for 20 to 30 minutes and out of the hands of the high power Packers offense. I don’t know if that will happen today but we will see .

I do think the Bengals pass rush, will get to get to Rodgers a couple of times, they have a couple of rookies starting, the line this season have allowed 7 sacks in the first two games. I also think this is a much better defense than the Packers faced last week against Washington that’s obvious.

The Bengals will have to score a lot of points than they put up on Monday night and its up to Andy Dalton to keep up with Rodgers, its going to be very hard for him to do. I expect AJ Green to have a big day and look for Eifert and Bernard to have a major impact on the game.

Prediction: Packers 31, Bengals 23 I’m hoping I am wrong about this, Let’s face it. When we looked at the schedule, this was the first game you circled for concern because of Green Bay’s high powered offense and the fact you had a short week. Now you add some injuries to it, and it’s compounded even more.

TV: 1pm on FOX