B1G Admits Blown Call Against Bearcats


The University of Cincinnati got a call on Thursday from B1G officials admitting a mistake, a mistake everyone else knew was a

Sep 7, 2013; Champaign, IL, USA; Cincinnati Bearcats running back Ralph Abernathy (1) runs the ball for a touchdown during the third quarter against the Illinois Fighting Illini at Memorial Stadium. Illinois won 45-17. Mandatory Credit: Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

mistake as soon as it happened. Munchie Leguax’s touchdown in the 3rd quarter should have counted. The fumble on the next series that the Bearcats recovered should also have counted.

Tommy Tuberville revealed the B1G’s admission Thursday on his radio show. “I’m certainly disappointed, as it really impacted the momentum of the game and our kids fought so hard to come back from down 21 (points). But there is nothing we can do about it.” said Tuberville regarding the admission of a mistake.

Fact of the matter is the officials completely changed the momentum of the game. With the TD Cincinnati would have been within four points of Illinois at 21-17, instead the officials gave the ball to Illinois on the 1 yard line. Illinois proceeded to drive 99 yards for a touchdown.

At that moment the Bearcats had not collapsed yet, Munchie Legaux’s gruesome knee injury would suck all life and any potential comeback out of them. While the entire loss can not be blamed on the officials you can certainly place a majority of the blame on them.

Two possessions were taken away from the Bearcats. Two possessions that could have potentially resulted in 14 points, ultimately giving Cincinnati the lead.

The calls seemed biased at the time, they still seem biased today. A phone call doesn’t change anything. Perhaps the Bearcats still would have lost even if the calls went their way, we’ll never know. But at least make a conscious effort to make a fair and legitimate call.

Cincinnati under performed against Illinois, defensively and offensively. Maybe the frustration with this admissions is all for naught but B1G fans would be equally as frustrated if this call was from an AAC officiating crew.

Regardless the Cincinnati Bearcats return to the field tomorrow night at Nippert (7pm) against the Northwestern State Demons.