Bengals vs Bears Preview.


Starting two rookie offensive linemen is going to be a problem going against one of the best defensive lines in football. Having one rookie on the offensive line is hard enough, but two on one side … I think they’re probably going to be good players, but it’s still their first NFL start. That’s a tough matchup. Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap are going to get singled up at some point and they’re going to win. Cutler is going to get hit and he’s going to make some mistakes and that’s the key to the game.

People don’t realize how valuable Emmanuel Lumar is to the Bengals linebacking corps. Not a big name, but he can run and that’s important. That hurts them and I’m sure the Bears are going to try and take advantage of that with Matt Forte. I like the Bengals putting safety Taylor Mays linebacker. I think that’s what the position is going to evolve into. Everybody is dropping down a position to get faster. The bigger safety who can’t play safety anymore is going to be that cover linebacker. The big corner is going to free safety and the free safety is going to strong safety. The strong safety is going to linebacker. It makes sense to put Mays in there.

With Andrew Withworth out it will  be Anthony Collins is at left tackle, the Bengals are going to have to help him on Julius Peppers.

But the Bengals have a different dynamic on offense now. It used to be all AJ Green with Jermanine Gresham every once in a while. Now they’re really versatile with Tyler Eifert at tight end and Giovanni Bernard at running back. Having the two tight ends against the Bears Cover 2 should really help them go down the middle.

PREDICTION : Bengals 20 Bears 17 OT.

Gametime: 1pm on CBS or you can listen to it on the radio on 700 WLW