Get To Know Bearcats Linebacker Jeff Luc


Junior linebacker Jeff Luc transferred to Cincinnati after two season with the Florida State Seminoles. Luc had to sit out the 2012

season due to the NCAA transfer rules. Luc sat down with River Front Ball to talk about his decision to transfer, his time here at UC and his expectations for the season.

Some background of Jeff Luc, he was the number one rated middle linebacker and the number 42 ranked player nationally coming out of high school. He chose to transfer from Florida State in the summer of 2012, he was required to sit out the 2012 season per NCAA rules.

Saturday afternoon saw the Bearcats dominate the Purdue Boilermakers 42-7. Jeff Luc was on the field recording 4 tackles as the defense dominated Purdue in his first game in over a year. ““It went pretty well. A couple people had us as the underdog and I don’t mind that, that’s just part of the game. But Purdue played pretty well, they’re well coached but it came down to just to many mistakes.  The team with the less mistakes usually wins.”  Luc said of the performance by the Bearcat this weekend.

Jeff Luc’s transfer to Cincinnati came as a surprise to many. He was considered a lock to transfer to Kansas State. I asked him why he chose UC. ““I made a trip over here with the mindset that I’m still going to Kansas State. I actually came here as a courtesy for one of the coaches to thank them for sticking with me through high school and everything. What got me here was when you go on recruiting trips coaches always tell you how the team is like a family. When I got here it was really like they said it was, like a family. That’s a big part of recruiting to get athletes to your school.”

As Bearcats fans hope for a 12-0 season, some even expect it. Luc believes its possible but it is not a given. “Oh definitely 12-0 that’s what everyone says” Luc said when asked about team expectations.

“Here again you have to play to your potential, everybody looks good on paper of course that but you actually have to go out there and play and play to your potential and everything should fall in line from there.” If the Bearcats play to their potential Luc believes the team can go undefeated.

The one question many have wondered about Luc is why he left Florida State, while he didn’t give any specific examples he did tell RFB “I don’t know how to explain it but I know, somebody you get that feeling you’ve had enough and you just know that’s it and you’ve just made up your mind and everything and you’re just ready for a change.” Luc obviously wasn’t happy, you can speculate on your own reason. It appears Luc just wanted to be happy.

As Jeff Luc plays in his first season with the Bearcats watch for him and fellow linebacker Greg Blair to lead this defense this season. Hopefully Luc will return for his senior season, if that happens the Bearcats line backing corps will continue to be the best in the American Conference.