UC Basketball Gets Good News


Monday afternoon the Cincinnati Bearcats basketball team got good news for the upcoming season. Freshman Deshaun Morman was deemed eligible for the upcoming season. There has been no official announcement but it appears to be imminent that he will be eligible.

Morman was a risky signing from the moment he signed with the Bearcats. Coaches and the athletic department pushed for Morman to enroll early. He took summer classes and it appears that has approved his academic eligibility. He was in class Monday when UC started its fall semester.

The other UC Freshman facing eligibility issues Jamaree Strickland also appears to be eligible for the upcoming basketball season as well. Strickland may be facing a more uphill battle than Morman but he was in class Monday and on scholarship as well.

Out of the two Morman is the one that will likely be competing for immediate playing time, next to Jermaine Lawrence he could be the most versatile freshmen the Bearcats have.

As long as both players stay in class, and stay academically eligible they will stay eligible for the season. Bearcats fans hope for the best, this team has the potential to make a run this season.