Dez Wells Sues Xavier


Former Xavier basketball star Dez Wells has filed a federal lawsuit suing his former school and their president Michael Graham

Mar 15, 2013; Greensboro, NC, USA; Maryland Terrapins guard/forward Dez Wells (32) reaches for the ball as Duke Blue Devils forward Ryan Kelly (34) and forward Mason Plumlee (5) are in the background. The Terrapins defeated the Blue Devils 83-74 during the quarterfinals of the ACC tournament at Greensboro Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

seeking to clear his name and his wrongful expulsion in the summer of 2012.

Wells was expelled from the school last summer for an undisclosed reason, all Xavier would comment on it was to say Wells had violated the student code of conduct. After that though the real reason came out that Wells had been suspended due to an accused sexual assault.

A female student at Xavier accused Wells of sexual assault after a night of sexual “truth or dares” that eventually led to the two going to the girls dorm room where they have what Wells called consensual sexual intercourse with a condom. The female student however reported it the next morning as sexual assault.

Xavier University is no stranger to sexual assault and rape cases, they apparently viewed this as an opportunity to clear their name and show everyone they can handle these situations correctly, they did that by expelling Wells.

The media after Wells’s expulsion labeled his as a rapist. Something Wells obviously was very upset about. From the start of this Wells has maintained his innocence. His claim of innocence gained huge support when Hamilton County Prosecutor Joesph Deters put his support behind Wells. Saying “If I thought Wells did this , he’d be in prison, I wouldn’t pull any punches.” Deters does not believe the accusation that is why he never pursued charges.

Xavier expelled Wells before any lab tests were completed. Father Graham did not speak with Deters who had “grave concerns” about the young woman’s story. Wells future with the school was decided as soon as the allegation came out. The university expelled Wells in an effort to rid themselves of any more bad publicity. The school was already under investigation by the US Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights for mishandling allegations against male students. Wells was the “sacrificial lamb” according to his attorney.

Wells has maintained his innocence since the beginning, numerous other have claimed he is innocent. The only ones that have bought into the “false” accusations have been the university and the faculty at Xavier. Wells left Xavier labeled a “racist” and in the middle of a “nightmare”.

Wells transfered to Maryland after his expulsion from Xavier. The NCAA allowed him to play immediately instead of the standard one year sit out rule.

Dez Wells is suing Xavier University and Father Michael Graham, he is seeking monetary compensation from the university and an apology from Father Graham.

Maybe after Wells wins his lawsuit he will be know for more than a “rapist” and one of the main instigators of the infamous UC/XU brawl.

We will keep you updated once the trial gets underway.

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