Ideas For Nippert Stadium


By now everyone that follows The University of Cincinnati Bearcats football knows that the school’s beloved Nippert Stadium is to

undergo a renovation/expansion following this seasons final game. While the school has done a great job with the expansion and the plans that go along with it there are a few things that we believe should be considered as well.


1) HD video board to replace the outdated board that currently hangs over the north endzone. Having attended every game for the last four years the video board is ancient. GABP and PBS both have great HD video boards, the university should seriously consider looking into this. It makes the fan experience much better and gives the students a clearer idea as to what ref to boo.

2)Retire numbers! The golden age of Cincinnati football is happening before our eyes. 2008 and 2009 saw the two greatest seasons in Bearcats yet no one from that team has been added to the Ring of Honor. You know the banner that runs the length of Herdsche-Shank Pavilion? Tony Pike and Mardy Gilyard led the Bearcats to back to back BCS appearances, lets honor them right.

While were at it add Conor Barwin, Mike Mickens and Derek Wolfe to that list as well. If you need to make and area on the new addition to put these names as well.

3) Upgrade the audio system in the stadium, I’m sure I have suffered unrepairable ear damage due to the sound system being either insanely loud or crazily distorted. It could also be the student section noise and the cannon but those are traditions.

4) Apparently this is true, I haven’t been to clifton this summer to confirm this but the university appears to have installed a net behind the the field goal post on the horseshoe endzone. If that is true they are taking away a great tradition of students catching the field goal then trying to hide it from a grad assistant asking for the ball back. Please UC take down the net.

If I can only think of four potential improvements for Nippert Stadium the University of Cincinnati is doing something right. The small unfriendly confines of Nippert is why people love it. The old feel the lack of electronic advertisement is great. UC has done a great job preserving Nipperts history. Sure we’d all like a bigger stadium but at what cost?

No one is tearing down the Dieterle Vocal Arts Center so forget about that. Plus thats a signature landmark when you see a game from Nippert on TV. Nippert is fine the way it is.

When December rolls around Nippert will be upgraded and renovated while maintaining its historic feel. In 2015 everyone will file back into Nippert, the band will run down the stairs, the Bearcats will win and students will leave happy. Why mess with a good thing?