Bearcats Move Paul Brown For 2014 Season


An announcement that many already figured was imminent came this morning as the University of Cincinnati officially

announced that the 2014 football season would be played at Paul Brown Stadium home of the Cincinnati Bengals.

This came as no surprise to anyone that follows Bearcats football as Nippert Stadium is about to undergo a 15 month renovation starting in December as soon as the December 5th game against Louisville is over.

The Bearcats are no strangers to Paul Brown Stadium, having played there 3 times in 2010-2011 and once in 2002. The Bearcats are 1-3 all time at PBS, but each loss was by 4 points or less. Any Bearcat fan remembers the Oklahoma game of 2010 and and the West Virginia game of 2011 both games the Bearcats should have won.

PBS is a huge upside for UC, that being the seating capacity of the stadium. PBS can hold close to 66,000 fans, Cincinnati filled PBS when the Buckeyes came to town in 2002 and came close in their recent games there. It could be a huge plus for the school if they can fill the stadium and make new fans out of those who previously have not been fans.

If UC could sell season tickets for the upper deck in the $90-100 range they would sell out the upper deck, that would be an affordable alternative to the Bengals.

For non students that attend the games at PBS it will be a much welcome plus, the ability to park and get out of the city is much easier on the riverfront than it is in Clifton. Anyone that has had to drive to a game at Nippert knows parking is a pain, and getting out after the game is more of a pain, there are two ways in and out of clifton, PBS provides more options.

For students this move is not ideal. In 2010 and 2011 the university rented Metro buses to transport students from Clifton down to PBS. There was great student turnouts in 2010 and 2011 so it isn’t much of a worry if students will be there it is just more of a hassle.

The other positive is the Banks. Previously there were no options down on the riverfront after the game, you went back to clifton if you were a student or home if you weren’t. Now there are bars and restaurants for everyone to stream into after games.

Moving to PBS is no idea but Nippert will be back better than ever in 2015 and the home field advantage will be restored then.