GABP To Get A Makeover


With the 2015 MLB All Star game coming to Cincinnati, the Reds and Hamilton county will be giving beloved Great American

Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Ballpark a much needed make over during the course of the next year. Most things will go un-noticed to the casual fan but to diehards that go to nearly every game you may see some changes.

The $5 million dollar makeover will consist of a lot of painting, some weatherproofing, concrete replacement and the replacement of the pads that line the walls around the playing field.

The biggest need at GABP is the painting of the metal beams that sit under the inclines that climb to the upper decks. The rust from the fences has wept down and stained the concrete. It is not a hazard by any means it is more the appearance the Reds are looking to increase.

Another area that needs attention is the padding along the wall around the playing field. If you sit in certain sections around the field you certainly have noticed some padding has tears in it. It is a simple fix but having the extra money on hand isn’t always that simple.

Concrete has been a large talking point as well. The biggest problem has been the cracks in the sidewalks jetting out from certain foundations around the ballpark. Again it is in no way a safety hazard but it could cause some to trip and again aesthetically it will look better if the concrete looks solid.

The lighting system around the ballpark is outdated. Outdated to the point that electrical companies aren’t making parts for the system GABP has. That is making it hard to fix problems, so a complete overhaul of the system is what the Reds are aiming form.

All of these enhancements are for the outside fans coming into Cincinnati for the All Star game, as well as all the media that will be taking photos and certainly writing reviews of the game and ball park.

Currently the Reds have $3 million in the improvements and maintenance fund, they are looking to get $2 million from Hamilton county. Each season Hamilton County gives the Reds $1 million for maintenance and up keep. The club is looking to get a 2 year advance from the county.