Thom Brennaman Should Stop Broadcasting


Cincinnati has heard three key people call Reds games over the last 40 years, Joe Nuxhall, Marty Brennaman and most

recently his son Thom Brennaman.

Marty Brennaman is an institution in Cincinnati, from his saying “this one belongs to the Reds” to his work within the community, Marty is a household name who everyone respects.

The problem here is Thom Brennaman. Everyone who has watched Reds broadcasts since 2007 knows who Thom is, he is the voice of the Reds on TV. Brennaman has seen his popularity within FOX Sports grow within the last 6 years, he know calls the game of the week for FOX and calls football in the winter.

Over his time as the voice of the Reds on TV Brennaman has made some questionable comments. Sunday in Cincinnati he seemingly stepped over the line and let his ego get the better of him.

The first mistake Brennaman made was saying “this guy sucks” in reference to Pirates pitcher Jeff Locke who was struggling in the game. Locke is having a spectacular year for the Pirates he is currently 9-2 on the season with a 2.11 ERA as well as the lowest ERA in baseball since April. By the way the Pirates won 3-2.

Brennaman definitely ate his words on that one, while he didn’t say it with the intention of it being heard on air his mic was still hot and that isn’t a good excuse.

The other comment(s) Brennaman made was in reference to Reds All Star 1st Baseman Joey Votto. The comments came after Votto grounded out into a double play in the 8th with the bases loaded, he did drive in a run. Phillips came to the plate and subsequently grounded out as well to end the inning.

Brennaman decided to take it upon himself to scold Votto for not capitalizing on the opportunity to score more runs. During the Phillips at bat Brennaman continued to berate Votto, it carried into the 9th where Brennaman continued to give his opinion on Votto not coming through in the clutch.

If memory serves me right Joey Votto is the former MVP and best first baseman in baseball, Thom has never played baseball anywhere close to professionally. Keep the comments to yourself Thom.

The ego of Thom Brennaman is reaching epic proportions. He know feels like he can manage the team from the press box as well feeling he can give Votto tips on hitting. It’s no wonder some players in the clubhouse aren’t huge fans of the Brennamans.

As a Reds fan hopefully Thom gets a full time job at Fox Sports 1, packs his bags and gets out of Cincinnati quickly.