Nippert Gets New Turf


Nippert Stadium home to the Cincinnati Bearcats football team is in line for a major expansion after the 2013 season. First though

the university installed new turf on the 89 year old field.

Nippert has been fitted for the last thirteen seasons with FieldTurf. The old FieldTurf has been replaced with the new and improved UBU Speed Sport Series S5-M.

The new UBU turf is designed for speed, it consist of 2.5 inch artifical grass with a 70% rubber fill making it durable yet firm and quick. It is rated to last for 8 seasons.

Anyone that has walked across Nippert on their way to class or played intramural football knows that field has long been overdue for a new surface.

If you watch a UC game this fall you will notice a few changes on the field, first the Big East logos have been replaced with new American Athletic Conference logos. Also the yard numbers have been changed to white instead of the traditional red. The end zone lettering has also changed from white to black much to the chagrin of Bearcat fans.

All in all the new field looks great, the Nippert expansion looks phenomenal and things are looking up for Bearcats football.

There has been a lot of talk about what the school will do with the old turf. Many fans and students have expressed interest in purchasing pieces of the turf. After all that field has seen oranges, sugar and 4 Big East Championships. The university has said they are looking into how to sell pieces so stay tuned.

The Bearcats kickoff the 2013 season August 31st against the Purdue Boilermakers.