Pizza over Winning Really?


Every Reds fans when they come to watch a game at Great American Ball Park they come to have fun and watch a contending team out there in the field. Also they pay attention to the number of strikeouts the starting pitcher and bullpen have together throughout the game because if the staff strikes out 11 batters they get a free 6 inch topping of LaRosa Pizza and don’t get me wrong I love it and I think it’s funny when the atmosphere of the ballpark changes when the pitching staff are approaching the 11 strikeouts plateu.

But here’s where I get irrated by some fans and especially the Reds twitter account on my postgame article piece yesterday I wrote I criticized the account because they always tweet about Pizza facts during the game and I’m like we are not even close to the 11 strikeout mark I think we should be focus more on getting Ws!

Its frustrating watching the game because when I watch games on TV the ballpark is usually quiet and this is just me saying but when Great American BallPark gets loud is when the Pizza chants are heard and not when the team are rallying to trying to score some runs and I’m like oh goodness. I know I’m being a loser about this but right now we need to concentrate more on winning now cause we are looking at top to the Cards and Pirates.

So im pleading to the Reds twitter account no more Pizza facts and how many times we have done it that’s good and all but right now it’s winning is what we the fans need to be focusing on.