Twice As Nice For Homer Bailey


Forget all the complaining and griping of the Reds everyone has been doing, it doesn’t matter tonight. All in thanks to Homer Bailey

who threw the second no hitter of his career giving the Reds a 3-0.

Homer Bailey had been struggling as of late coming into the game with a 4-6 record and an ERA over 3.5. Nothing to necessarily hang his hat on, that was until Tuesday night.

Homer went off and boy did he go off in a big way. Cincinnati needed a good outing from Homer, they needed to win two in a row. Homer started the game striking out the side, in fact he did that through the first six innings. Homer had a perfect game through the first 6 innings.

In the seventh Homer walked the leadoff batter. Thus negating the perfect game but keeping the no hitter in tact. Thanks to a heads up fielders choice in the seventh as well Joey Votto kept the no hitter going.

From inning 7 until 9 it was pure anxiety in GABP. Everyone sitting around tapping their feet, shushing anyone that dared to mention the idea of a no hitter. That was until the 9th.

By the 9th inning everyone was on their feet, myself included. That final out was the loudest GABP has ever been, next to Jay Bruce’s division clinching walk off in 2010.

As Todd Frazier fielded the grounder to him and threw it to Votto at first GABP held its collective breath until the ball was in Votto’s glove. Then pandemonium ensued.

Homer Bailey has now tossed 2 no hitters in 10 months. He has thrown the last 2 no hitters in the MLB becoming only the second pitcher to do that behind his hero Nolan Ryan.

The Reds led off the game scoring Shin Soo Choo who appeared to have hit a home run until the umps reviewed it a credited him with a double instead. Votto drove Choo in on a sac fly.

In the 6th Brandon Phillips added to the run score with a two run blast to left field giving the Reds a 3-0 lead and all the runs they would need.

Tonight belongs to Homer Bailey, no complaining tonight just admiration.