Panic Time Is Close For The Reds


The Reds staggered into Texas Friday night coming off a two game sweep in Oakland and only one win in the last six games. A trip to

Mandatory Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Texas isn’t what the Reds needed. All things were supposed to be right for Cincinnati Friday night, Johnny Cueto was going to get back on track, the Reds had a day off to get things back together. That didn’t happen.

Instead Cincinnati was shut out for the second game in the row. The scoreless inning streak is now at 22 innings. 22 innings without a run is beyond acceptable for a team of this caliber. How can you go from the second best team in baseball 2 weeks ago to a team that can’t even score a run.

Johnny Cueto was on the mound for the Reds Friday. That lasted all of one inning until Cueto hurt his back, for the third time this season. Cueto went 1 inning give up 2 hits and 1 earned run.

After Cueto went out Tony Cingrani came in, on short notice you never know what you will get. Cingrani went 4 innings 4 hits and 3 earned runs. Not his most impressive outing but who was expecting Cingrani to get called in that early in the game? Certainly not him.

One positive note Alfredo Simon and Sam LeCure were stout in their relief appearances. First time we have been able to say that in a few weeks.

The offense for the Reds has been atrocious. The last 10 games have been absolute garbage, no one on the team is hitting. Votto is the only player getting hits on a constant basis. His .321 average is the best on the team.

Brandon Phillips returned from the Paternity list Friday to record two hits and bring his defensive greatness back to the team. Jay Bruce also had two hits, unfortunately those are the only three hitting. By the way why is Chris Heisey the DH? Batting .187 is not DH material. Donald Lutz would be better suited for DH.

Dusty Baker is doing all he can, we understand that. Unfortunately he shows no emotion, he seems to be ok with what is happening. Dusty is not a manager who will confront his players or yell at them. He doesn’t have a motivational personality. Until Baker is fired or a player calls a player meeting to fire everyone up this is what you should expect as a Reds fan.

The scoreless inning streak stands at 22. If it is 31 by tonight no one should be surprised. As much as we want to thing the end is near for this slump there is just nothing to suggest otherwise.

Mike Leake is on the mound for the Reds tonight on FOX at 7:15.