Reds Indians Draw In Fight For Ohio Cup


Well what looked like a sure win for the Cincinnati Reds in their quest for the Ohio Cup this year took a turn for the worse

Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

yesterday as they lost to the Indians 5-2 after Bronson Arroyo stumbled. Thursday rolled around today and the Red had another chance to seal a win in the 4 game series. That quest came to an abrupt end in the fourth inning.

Homer Bailey was dealing through the first three innings of the game, he had some nasty looking stuff. That was until the fourth rolled around and Homer forgot how to pitch, literally it looked like he forgot what he was doing out there and it showed. Seven runs he gave up in the 4th, SEVEN. Home collapsed horribly, during the collapse though Dusty Baker left him out there to take the beating, finally pulling him after 7 runs.

Dusty Baker’s inability to manage his pitchers has been beat to death by the media, myself included. This is once again another example of his innate ability to ruin a game. He did it Wednesday night by leaving Bronson Arroyo in for to long as well. It is beyond infuriating for the fans.

Cleveland though looked like a team that couldn’t do anything in Cincinnati, then the next two days at home in Cleveland the Indians looked unstoppable. Baffling how Cleveland can turn on their offense like that and Cincinnati can turn theirs off. Cincinnati has had a problem with power outages this year and the last two days seem to be one of these times.

Scott Kazmir was dealing for the Indians on Thursday night, first off who knew Kazmir was still in baseball. Last I saw of this guy he was getting destroyed in Los Angeles. Thats besides the point though, he was the one doing the destroying tonight.

Cincinnati did get 8 hits off Kazmir, Derrick Robinson and Jay Bruce led the Reds with two hits each but the Reds were only able to muster one run in the game.

So once again this season the Ohio Cup ends in a draw and both cities can continue hating each other once again. Atleast the Indian fan twitter nonsense will end now.

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