Cincinnati Reds Can Clinch Ohio Cup Tomorrow In Cleveland


Being a Cincinnatian means you have to hate Cleveland. From a young age you’re taught that Cleveland is the “Mistake by

Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

the lake” and “If it’s brown, flush it down.” Cleveland is just constantly catching crap for being Cleveland. That is why when the Reds and the Indians meet each year both cities take notice. Sometimes things get nasty.

Monday afternoon saw things get a little testy between the clubs. As you all know by now Arolids Chapman threw a wild pitch over the head of Indians outfielder Nick Swisher. Didn’t hit him, no harm no foul.

After that pitch that prompted Indians radio guy Tom Hamilton to go a bit crazy saying “What you’d love to see Swisher do here is to knock it right off the temple of Chapman and see how much fun it is to have a ball coming at your head. That is bush league.”

No Tom what you said was bush league. Hitting someone in the temple is a great way to kill someone, causes bleeding on the brain and eventual death. Chapman is wearing a ball cap, Swisher has a helmet, he gets hit his ear rings. Chapman gets hit he’s out for a few starts. How about you shut up and think next time. You have also never watched a Chapman appearance before either, if you had you’d see that Chapman has control issues at times. This is not an isolated incident.

When it comes to twitter fans I thought Pittsburgh tweeters were the worse, Indian fans though a whole new breed of annoyance. I guess if I lived in Cleveland I’d find anything to complain about as well.

Anyway the Reds returned to the ball park tuesday night sending Mat Latos to the mound. The Reds dominated the game winning  8-2. Zach Cozart continued on his hot streak going 3-5 tonight. Xavier Paul also had a stellar night same goes for Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips and Shin Soo Choo.

Latos picked up his fifth win of the season.

The Cincinnati Reds is now up 2-0 in the battle for the Ohio Cup. These two face off tomorrow in Cleveland for a two game set. Bronson Arroyo is going for the Reds while Justin Masterson is up for the Indians.