Gunner Kiel Can Leave Cincinnati To Go Back To Notre Dame


Tonight (Saturday) a little before 11pm a story broke which indicated Notre Dame starting quarter back Everett Golson would be

Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

leaving the university. A little after 11 that rumor was confirmed, no reason from departure has been given, if you were to believe twitter and all their Notre Dame “insiders” it was for plagiarism or cheating on a final.

Golson isn’t the topic of this though, the future of Gunner Kiel and more specifically his future with the Cincinnati Bearcats is the topic. Kiel transferred to Cincinnati this spring after seeing Golson was bound to have the starting job at Notre Dame locked up for the new season or two.

Here’s where things get tricky, now that Golson is no longer at the school Notre Dame is in need of a starting quarter back. They obviously say something in Kiel, that’s why the recruited the kid. So the question is can Gunner Kiel transfer back to Notre Dame after transferring to Cincinnati? Yes he can and he can play immediately.

Here is how that can happen, right now since Kiel has only taken part in “voluntary” work outs with the Bearcats he can use his second transfer to go back to South Bend. He can use this transfer as many times as he pleases as long as he has not served his year in residence at that university. Since Kiel has only been enrolled at Cincinnati for the summer he has not set up residence.

Now while Kiel is considered a part of the Bearcats football team he does not need a release from Cincinnati to go back to Notre Dame. Cincinnati can deny his request all that means though is Notre Dame can not encourage the transfer or give Kiel a scholarship for the upcoming season. Keil though can show up at Notre Dame for the start of the season an play as long as he shows up on his own accord.

Kiel first though needs to know Notre Dame wants him back and he needs to know if his family can support him for a season while he is off of scholarship. The cost of a year at Notre Dame is north of $51,000.

So to put this in Lehman terms, Gunner Kiel can return to Notre Dame due to the fact he hasn’t been at Cincinnati long enough for mandatory practices. He can’t return on scholarship, must pay his own way. Cincinnati can’t stop him. Keil can play immediately if he were to return to Notre Dame.

Bearcats fans will be holding their collective breath over the next few days or weeks to decide the fate of Gunner Kiel. Heck if Kiel leaves Golson could come to Cincinnati.

I want to thank the guys @ByLawBlog for explaining this.