Did Sweets Hurt Aroldis Chapman In Philly?


This is the dumbest question posed this year in baseball.

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The past two days since Aroldis Chapman gave up two homers in the bottom of the ninth in Philly there has been excessive amounts of speculation that some pastries were to blame for his blown save. This speculation, the pastry speculation that is came from a Phillies radio guy.

Lets make this clear, did a cuban pastry or multiple pastry cause the collapse of Aroldis Chapman on sunday? The answer is NO. Not a chance that caused his collapse.

Phillies broadcaster Rickie Ricardo told various media outlets that he delivered 100 cuban pastries in the club house on Sunday. Ricardo says he watched Chapman eat 18 of these pastries in one sitting. He also says after watching Chapman eat he turned to his broadcasting partner and said “He’s ripe for the taking today.”

First I want to address the “Ripe for the taking” comment, there is no way in hell anyone should believe he said that at that moment. That is a statement you make after something happens to make it look like you are a know all. So I don’t believe that for a second.

Now on to the idea that eating a rumored 18 pastries caused the blown save. I don’t know how everyone else’s bodies work but I know for me being a fit individual after I eat regardless of the size of the meal it never affects me three hours after I have ate. Your body digest food quickly, to say the pastries caused his blown save is preposterous.

Chapman had a bad day, it happens to everyone. He has nine saves on the season and has blown his last two saves. It happens, he should never have been in the game Sunday anyways, Dusty should have let Homer go the distance, I said that Sunday night and I still stand by it.