Cincinnati Bearcats Football Picks Up TE Jake Golic


Cincinnati Bearcats Football fans woke up to a bit of a surprise this morning when it was announced on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike radio show that host Mike Golic’s son Jake Golic would be attending Cincinnati for his fifth year of eligibility as a graduate student.

Cincinnati picks up a big body in Golic, the down side is Golic has only played in 5 games in his four season while at Notre Dame. Three games in 2010, and two in 2012, but the down side can turn into a massive upside for the fifth year Tight End.

The Bearcats have to replace Travis Kelce who was picked in the third round of this years NFL draft. Kelce was a huge part of the Bearcats the last few seasons, Golic must come in and help fill those shoes. Golic comes to Cincinnati weighing in at 245lbs and 6’4″ a very good sized TE.

The upside for Golic is the fact that he has not had much playing time over the last four seasons. That lack of playing time should in all theory make Golic hungry to play. Hopefully he has loads of energy and excitement when fall practice opens.

Mike Golic announcing this move this morning on “Mike and Mike” is huge for the University of Cincinnati. Anytime the school in Clifton is mentioned on ESPN it is a good day. UC never  receives much love from the World Wide Leader but that could be changing with the addition of Jake Golic.

Cincinnati heads into the 2013 with a new head coach an uncertain future but one hell of an energized fan base. This fall and winter should be fun in Clifton.