Bengals Draft TE Tyler Eifert


The Bengals drafted TE Tyler Eifert last night in the first round of the NFL Draft. To

Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

the surprise of many the Bengals passed on RB Eddie Lacy and the remaining corners and safety’s on the board.

At no point during the lead up to the Draft did the Bengals indicate they were looking at drafting a Tight End, heck I don’t even know if they brought this kid to Cincinnati to work him out.

The move is only surprising because the team has Jermaine Gresham on the roster. Now it appears the Bengals are going to try the New England 1-2 TE punch that has worked effectively for them the last few seasons.

Tyler Eifers is a Notre Dame product, coached by none other than Brian Kelly. That is reason enough for me not to like him already. Based on his numbers from last season though Eifert is a solid TE. He recorded 50 receptions for 685 yards while averaging 13.7 yards a catch. Solid numbers for a tight end.

Bengals fans on twitter were all a little baffled by the surprising pick. Many expected the Bengals to take Eddie Lacy, that obviously didn’t happen but the Bengals do have the fifth pick in the second round so that could still happen.

Cincinnati has nine picks in rounds 2-7, look for them to add players at the RB, CB, SS positions.