Reds Lose, Blame Falls Solely On Dusty


After their fourth extra inning game on Monday night the Reds came into Tuesday’s game looking to win one in 9 innings. Of

Mandatory Credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

course that would be too easy and tonights game went to extra’s again. The fifth extra inning game this season for the club.

The positives for the night are a good place to start, Tony Cingrani made his second career start. Cingrani again pitched a solid game going 7 innings, giving up 5 hits and 2 earned while striking out 9. The two runs hurt the Reds in the long run due to the inability of the club to score. Shin Soo Choo remained hot going 3/4 keeping his average for the season well above .350.

Joey Votto only reached base one time tonight. Obviously that means he is in a slump so I will let the twitter baseball experts examine that one.

The down side to this game, Dusty Baker. Before the season I wrote a piece saying we needed to support Dusty, that Dusty was the one who made this team relevant again. Well I take back everything I said after that awful display of failure to manage his pitching staff once again. Last season Dusty was criticized  for the exact same thing. Me being the optimist I am at times figured “oh Dusty probably figured this out.” Yeah well in case you didn’t watch tonight that didn’t happen.

After a great comeback in the 9th in which Votto and Chris Heisey drove in runs to tie the game the game went to extra innings. That is where the wheels fell off the train and it crashed into a forest, then fell into a canyon where it sank in a river.

After pulling Cingrani Dusty put in Logan Ondrusek who pitched great for the 8th inning. After one inning there was no way Ondrusek could pitch another inning. TWO innings? Are you out of your mind?! Dusty then put in Manny Parra, because that worked out well Monday night when he gave up two runs.

Parra comes in for the 9th does a good job, then the 10th rolls around. Dusty decides Parra has enough for the 10th even though he pitched the previous night and the 9th. Parra gets absolutely beat up in the 10th. Everyone could see it coming except Dusty Baker.

When you have Aroldis Chapman, JJ Hoover and others in the bullpen you have to utilize them. This was a game the Reds should have one, there is no excuse for poor managing. Absolutely none.

The rubber match of the series is tomorrow at 12:35 @ GABP