Bearcats Fans Saying “Uh Oh” After ACC Announcment


The ACC announced today that the current member schools presidents have signed a “Grant of Rights” through the 2026-

Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

2027 season. This is incredibly bad news for the University of Cincinnati and the Connecticut both of whom were vying for spots in the ACC. Both were under the assumption that they would be joining the conference in the near future. Unfortunately that no longer looks like it will be happening.

A Grant of Rights in Lehman terms is the relinquishment of power, the universities have given authorization to the conference when it comes to television rights. Meaning the ACC now owns the television rights to their 15 member schools. Thus making them unattracitive to other conferences, because they wouldn’t be able to show any of the defecting schools games. It also protects the conference against other conference poachers. The ACC believes this protect them in the future.

This is all terrible news for the University of Cincinnati who now looks to be on the outside of the ACC with no real chances of getting in. The other bad news is the Big 12 also has this kind of deal but there are rumors they are looking to move back to 12 members, Cincinnati would be an attractive member especially with West Virginia in our area.

Now some of you are wondering about the other three power conferences. Lets take a look at those. The most obvious choice geographically would be the B1G Conference. Well hate to break it to all you optimist out there, there is no was in hell UC will get an invite to join. Ohio State will never allow it, Cincinnati has always been viewed as the little brother in this state. Plus for some reason the B1G seems to pride itself on academic integrity, Cincinnati would fit in well in that aspect.

Ok now how about the SEC, hahahaha not happening so lets just move on from that.

The PAC 12, because the closest member is only 1,207 miles away that seems like a real viable option.

The point I’m trying to make here is we better become comfortable with the AAC, at the moment it looks like we will be stuck there for the foreseeable future Bearcats fans.

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